Corporate Clients

Corporate Clients

Training with an immediate Return On Investment!
In today’s challenging times, your customer service must outshine your competition’s. We will help your staff speak the necessary languages and build rapport with clients through increased self-confidence and communication skills.

Increase your sales opportunities by broadening your exposure to the expanding Hispanic and other demographics.

More industries are experiencing language barriers every day. Are you positioned to take advantage of these demographic trends or to be overwhelmed by them?

ESL Classes

Customized for Success and Onsite for Convenience. Our specialties are ESL (English as a Second Language) classes tailored to your company and industry. Your staff will be speaking improved English faster than with any other methods – Guaranteed. LanguageXpress is not just a language school. We also include in our curriculum customer service skills, cultural norms in the United States, body language, and other practical skills in order for the students to function in society. You will not find another program that offers so many vital skills in one program. This is a multi leveled program for continuous learning.

Other Languages

Whether it is Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French, etc. many organizations have different needs when it comes to languages. LanguageXpress has the means and the desire to help you and your staff with any and all of them. We have a large network of instructors coupled with our unique approach and custom curriculum to get you on the fast track to speaking another language. Whether between clients, staff, supervisors, or vendors; miscommunication can lead to poor customer service, unhappy employees, and lost profits. These facts help point out that in today’s business world – language training is a necessity, not a luxury. LanguageXpress will not only teach how to speak the desired language, but will also make sure you are aware of the customs, and cultural norms.

Translation Services

At languageXpress we use many techniques to make sure everything we translate is at the highest quality. Every translation is researched before we start to ensure the original context is understood and target audience is identified. We then use certified translators (not software). Every translation is then double or triple checked by actual translators before it is returned to the client. We have translated everything from HR forms, websites, brochures, legal docs, training videos and much more. We also provide voice over, subtitles and video editing.

Interpreting Services

LanguageXpress can help you with company training, events, or any other situation where an interpreter is needed. We have great interpreters that have varied expertise in many fields.
Contact us today (702) 257-6100 to find out how we can assist in making your employees proficient in a second language. For more details click here.