English Test – Part 1 – Listening

Please be sure to complete ALL FOUR sections of the English Test.

Listening Grammar Reading Writing

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A. Listen. Choose the sentences you hear.

Listen to Question #1

 She's leaving She's reading
Listen to Question #2

 I'll go today I'll go Tuesday
Listen to Question #3

 They took a walk.  They went to the park.
Listen to Question #4

 He has a new injury.  He needs to buy a new engine.
Listen to Question #5

 She has chills.  She has three children.

B. Read the questions. Then listen and choose the answers.

Listen to Question #6

6. When did Melissa's family go picnicking?
 a. on Saturday.  b. on Sunday.
7. What did they eat in the park?
 a. hot dogs. b. hamburgers.
8. When did Ivan’s family do their chores?
 a. on Saturday.  b. on Sunday.
9. Did Ivan wash the dishes?
 a. Yes, he did.  b. No, he didn't.

C. Listen again. Choose True or False.

Listen to Question #10

10. Trains for Washington, D.C., leave every hour.
 a. True.  b. False.
11. The next train to Washington, D.C., will leave at 8:00.
 a. True.  b. False.
C. Listen. Put a check on "Yes" or "No"
12. Trains to New York leave every hour.
 a. True b. False
13. The next train to New York will leave at 7:35.
 a. True b. False

Listen. Choose Yes or No.

Listen to Question #14

14. Jenny is interested in getting a job in telemarketing.
 Yes No
15. Telemarketers sell things to people who need them.
 Yes No
16. Michelle loves dealing with telemarketers.
 Yes No
17. Jenny doesn’t want to receive phone calls from telemarketers.
 Yes No

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