English Test – Part 2 – Grammar

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E. Write the correct word.

18. What you doing right now?
19. Sara wearing?
20. What you do tomorrow?
21. What does Isaac to do?
22. What Ed do last weekend?

F. Match the questions with the answers.

a. I like Nick's Pizzeria
b. I'd be happy to.
c. Yes, I would.
d. I got married.
e. I went to a party.

23. Where did you go?
24. Would you like some tea?
25. What did you do?
26. Which restaurant do you like?
27. Could you repair the dryer?

G. Choose the correct word.

28. Salina  has has been negotiating with her co-worker for two days.
29. If I  was were you, I would take a vacation.
30. He  wishes hopes he could go to his cousin's quinceanera, but he didn't get the day off.
31. If we carpooled to work, we  will would save a lot of money on gas.
32. They were  amusing  amused when they read Mike's blog.


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