English Test – Part 4 – Writing

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J. Read the information. Answer the questions with complete sentences.

U.S. Census Bureau
What's your name? Jorge Costa
Do you have children? Yes
How many daughters? 2
How many sons? 0
How many sisters do you have? 2
How many brothers do you have? 2

42. Is Mr. Costa married or single?
43. How many children does Mr. Costa have?
44. How many daughters does Mr. Costa have?
45. How many sons does Mr. Costa have?

K. Read the sentences. Write them in the correct order. Use First, Next, Finally.
46. Last Saturday, I did the laundry.
I dried the clothes in the dryer.
I folded the clean clothes.
I washed the dirty clothes.

47. Last night, I stayed home.
I washed the dishes.
I cooked dinner.
I went to bed.

L. Answer the questions. Write between 5-6 sentences for each answer.
48. What is the best gift you ever received?

49. When did you receive this gift?

50. Why was it the best gift?