Q: How long will it take me to speak Spanish or another language?
A: Of course the progress of each student will depend on the frequency and duration of lessons and time spent practicing outside of class. Typically a student starting from very little will take 100 to 132 hours to get to an intermediate level. Meaning they can understand most of what is being said and respond in a manner than can be understood.

Q : Can LanguageXpress teach English if Mandarin, Tagalog, German, or any other language is the student’s native language? 
A : This question is frequently asked. No matter what your native tongue, we can teach you. We regularly have very successful English classes with students who speak 6 or 7 different native tongues – all in the same class. We can teach ANYONE to speak ANY language!!!

Q : Are LanguageXpress instructors native speakers?
A : All of our instructors are native speakers or are bilingual to a native speaker level. If you prefer a native speaker one will be provided.

Q : Which will be more effective for me – small group classes or private lessons?
A : It depends on your learning style: group lessons are great because you get to interact and practice with others who are learning at your level. Private lessons are also very effective, as you always have the instructor’s one-on-one attention. Most students will learn even more quickly with private lessons.


Did You Know????

Do you know being bilingual postpones dementia/Alzheimer’s for over 4 years? bilingualism fights dementia

Do you know studies prove your kids will be better problem solvers when they speak another language?

Do you know bilingual employees are routinely paid more than those who speak only one language?