About Us



To be the preferred resource for organizations and individuals with language and Cultural Proficiency needs.


Communities of multilingual people who have more communication skills, more opportunities, and more success today than they did yesterday!

Snapshot of LanguageXpress’s Experience in Las Vegas:

Successful ESL / English courses for organizations in the Hospitality, Manufacturing, Healthcare and many other industries
Successful Spanish language courses for organizations in the Hospitality, Construction, Healthcare and many other industries
Providing 13 languages in private settings all over the country
Translation of employee handbooks, HR forms, brochures, websites, and many more docs
Translation of employee training programs. Programs from OSHA training to other company mandated training
Translation of videos or complete construction of videos. Including voice over and or subtitles
Interpretation services – Company training and other events
Providing language programs for private schools
Providing subs for private schools – K-8th grade
Cultural Competency workshops for Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits for Healthcare professionals
Customer Service and Cultural Competency training for Healthcare professionals
Cultural Competency workshop for the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce


Who We Are


David Williams – President / Founder







LanguageXpress was started with the goal of bridging the gap between the language barriers we face daily. With a degree in business management and also bringing my experience in managing a very large and fast-paced business here in Vegas I truly understand ROI and how to achieve it. We have developed a program that will not only teach your employees the target language but other skills such as soft skills and cultural awareness. During my management in a very large and fast growing construction company, I had first-hand experience on how a divided workforce speaking different languages had an adverse effect on the bottom line. Fixing it was not as easy as I had first thought. After many attempts I realized something had to change. The way we looked at teaching a language in the academic setting is by far way off the mark when it comes to the business world. I needed a way to not only justify the investment but to display the results in the workplace. LanguageXpress has finally bridged the gap with our customized language courses.

Julieta Vazquez – Lead Instructor

A native of Mexico City, was an Executive Bilingual Assistant and worked for 10 years with several international companies. She then further pursued her love of teaching, studying English at the Anglo-Mexicano Institute. Julieta taught and tutored English at a private school in Mexico City for 8 years. During that time, the personnel, managers and directors of firms such as Schering-Plough, Nissan, and Nextel turned to Julieta for help with their bilingual skills. Julieta’s experience and patience help connect her with her students and make her a personable, effective language instructor.