Customized Company Group Classes (17 Languages)


LanguageXpress has worked with many Las Vegas companies to eliminate their language barriers within the workplace. We can do classes from 2 to 25 students. Courses are typically 10 weeks long meeting twice a week for two hours. This is also a multi leveled program. We can and have done other schedules to meet the company’s needs.

The curriculum is customized to focus on the phrases and terminology pertaining to your industry. We build the confidence of the students to instantly put what they have learned in to practice. We also focus on cultural norms and really make the classes interactive and relevant.

We have worked with many companies such as Las Vegas Water District, The Orleans, Suncoast, Gold Coast, Sam’s Town, CPI Card Group, Boyd Gaming Corporate, American Family Insurance, and many more.

We have had great success throughout the years with this program when other attempts have failed.


  • ·         The classes are performed on-site at your location
  • ·         Customized for you company and industry
  • ·         Classes are based on your schedule.
  • ·         Multi Level program
  • ·         Cultural norms taught


Prices – All materials are included


               Please inquire for current pricing.


A beginner group should plan to take 4 – 5 levels to reach a conversational proficiency.      



LanguageXpress Privates


LanguageXpress has a large network of instructors of many different languages. Our private courses can be conducted in your home or office, or even on-line via our virtual classrooms. With private lessons you dictate the speed and the schedule. You purchase a package of hours and as you schedule class time with your instructor the hours are deducted from your package. The lessons are customized to match your needs and your goals. Whether you are learning for your job or just because you are going on vacation, we can help you.


Pricing – All materials are included

If you want to take the classes @ your home, your office or any location of your choice, the price as low as $35 an hour. A beginner should plan to take 100-130 hours of training to reach a conversational proficiency. You can buy as many hours as you need. No minimum. You can also change the frequency that you take classes at any time.








Group Classes (Offering English, French or Spanish)


This is a multi-tiered program. You can start from the beginning or take the free assessment and start in a higher level. Classes meet twice a week, 2 hrs each day for 8 weeks (2 months). Each level consists of 32 hours of instruction, the class is conducted by a native speaker of the language, it is focused on conversation, we have small groups, and materials are included in the price.  The price is $269 plus a one-time enrollment fee of $35.

 A beginnner should plan to take 4-5 levels to reach a conversational proficiency.

Contact us for the current schedule.







Workforce Readiness Program


LanguageXpress has a unique and effective program tailored to youth or young adults. Our program will prepare the students to enter the workforce confident and able to handle most situations. Our program will cover resume building, mock interviews, team building, soft skills, problem solving, accepting responsibility, entrepreneurship skills, setting and achieving goals, dress for success, planning, and much more. With a qualified trainer and speakers from successful businesses from around the valley; you can be assured your students will not only enjoy this course, but will be more prepared to enter the workforce than they could have ever imagined. Course is 40 hours. Schedule can be customized to meet the student’s availability. All materials are included in the tuition.





Prices – All materials are included


                Class of up to 30 students – $2290 for the 40 hour course


Inquire about a customized course for you and your team. (Length of course, content, and more)


Leadership Development Program


LanguageXpress has a fantastic Leadership Development program for in school, out of school youth or adults. Our program has had amazing results. Our experienced trainers will introduce concepts like team building, self-esteem building, decision making, time management, budgeting, entrepreneurship skills, goal setting and achievement, identifying a leader, becoming a leader, and much more. These concepts will be introduced and solidified through peer centered activities, team building activities, and professional guest speakers from successful businesses around the Las Vegas Valley. This course will build the confidence of the students and for those that are interested in becoming leaders will equip them with the tools and ability to become effective and successful leaders in their respective careers. For those students that decide that leadership is not right for them this class will help them to identify effective leaders. They will understand the roles and become better support within the team. This course has changed many of our students’ lives. This course is typically 40 hours in length. This course can be customized in length and content to accommodate any group.








                Class of up to 30 students – $2290 for the 40 hour course


Inquire about a customized course for you and your team. (Length of course, content, and more)



Trampolin for Kids (Offering Spanish and Mandarin)


LanguageXpress also offers a program for kids. They meet once a week for 2 hours. This is an introductory to the Spanish & Chinese Mandarin languages. Kids will learn the basics through repetition, songs, crafts, videos, and other fun activities. This is a great program that kids love.


Spanish class is every Wednesday from 4:30pm to 6pm. Open Enrollment!

Chinese Mandarin class is every Friday from 4:30pm to 6pm. Open Enrollment!


We are having a Special price of only $10 per hour and we are waving the enrollment fee of $30.







Translation Services


LanguageXpress has worked with many organizations here in the valley and all over the world. We have a very in depth system that we utilize for every translation from emails to legal documents. Our system ensures that you receive an accurate and professional translation that conveys the message intended.

Items we can translate: Emails, hand written items, PowerPoints, Word docs, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Websites, Legal docs, Employee forms, HR documents, Videos, and much more.

We also offer voice over and subtitling for training programs. We do all of the video production here on-site.



                Translations as low as $.11 a word.

                Voiceover and subtitles  -  Call for quote.


Interpretation Services


LanguageXpress has the ability to provide your team with a solution when talking to customers, employees or sub-contractors in Spanish. We offer interpreters that can either provide services over the phone or in person. No more do you have to worry about your message being lost in translation. We understand how daunting the task is for an employee to constantly be called upon to do translating for the company in most cases all departments. It over loads the employee and really isn’t saving you money. LanguageXpress can relieve the stress, and leave you assured that your message is communicated 100%.

  • ·         We can provide an interpreter to assist you in company trainings
  • ·         Communicate HR information to employees
  • ·         Handle legal matters
  • ·         Communicate with customers


Afterschool or Summer Camp Programs


LanguageXpress can create a customized course to teach kids of any age a new language. We can support 17 languages. Classes will be conducted at your location. Classes will introduce the new language by using various activities, songs, videos, and games. Classes will be engaging and fun. Our instructors will instill a large vocabulary and small phrases to build the child’s confidence to speak the new language. They will not only learn to read and write the new language but will be encouraged to speak. Classes can be structured to meet once or more a week. Classes are 1 ½ – 2 hours each. All materials are included in the course tuition.


Prices – All materials are included

                Groups up to 15 students – $8 an hour



Foreign Language Program at your School


LanguageXpress is working with schools in the Las Vegas Valley and is providing a full time instructor to implement a foreign language program. Our licensed, experienced and enthusiastic instructors are able to get kids excited to learn a new language and will have them learning phrases and vocabulary in the target language. Our effective and well-paced curriculum covers all aspects of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Kids will also be exposed to the culture of the new language. Activities and class work is designed to boost the kids confidence to speak. We will introduce dancing, foods, arts, and other idiosyncrasies of the culture to keep them engaged. We have the ability to teach all grades. Taking away then frustration and worry about implementing a foreign language program.



– Varies based on hours and number of grades being taught. Inquire today to get started.



Sub Service


LanguageXpress is working with schools in the Las Vegas Valley and is providing sub teachers. We have qualified and certified instructors that have the ability to sub for any instructor within your team. We understand it can really be a hassle with last minute emergencies and trying to scrabble to find a sub. LanguageXpress will alleviate that headache. With one phone call we will assign a suitable instructor to be at your school on time and ready to teach. Our cost is very reasonable and the service is outstanding. We are also capable to perform your morning care and aftercare programs. We know from experience that it is difficult to get your teachers to stay late or come in early to do these shifts. We can supply a great instructor that is rested and prepared to handle your kids. Our instructors will come prepared with activities or we can implement the structure you have set forth.



– Varies based on hours. Inquire today to get started.


Diversity Training


In today’s business world we are faced on a regular basis with customers or employees from all over the world. A basic understanding of the idiosyncrasies of a culture and bring to light the things that we enjoy about that culture like food, music, and dance can really alleviate the frustrations and misunderstandings that happen daily. Simply understanding why people do certain things or think a certain way can really help inclusion and create a lasting relationship. Many managers have a hard time relating with various employees from all over the world. Keeping these employees motivated and with a sense of inclusion can be extremely daunting. LanguageXpress can help your team to be more versed in the culture and really boost your company’s morale.

Training can be performed at your location and based on your schedule. Course will be filled with information and activities designed to create a fun and collaborative environment. Participants will leave feeling more confident and educated about the cultures they encounter on a regular basis. Course is 2 to 2 ½ hours long. All materials are included.


We can handle groups up to 30 at a time.


Prices – $1750